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  • What is Employee Unique Identification Number EUIN?

    The EUIN is a unique number that is issued by AMFI to all the employees/relationship manager/sales persons of the distributor, interacting with the investor for the sale of Mutual Fund products.

    The objective of EUIN is to help prevent/address the problem of mis-selling of Mutual Fund products by identifying the person involved in the sale of a Mutual Fund product. Since the EUIN is a person specific number, even if the employee changes his/her employment from one Distributor to another, he/she can be tracked.

  • What is the objective behind introducing EUIN?

    Investors are requested to only use application/transaction forms having provision for ARN code, Sub broker ARN code, EUIN, Sub broker code (as allotted by ARN holder) and the same is available on the website of the AMC/Mutual Fund viz.

  • Where to indicate or provide EUIN?

    Necessary provision for capturing such EUIN (in addition to the capturing of ARN Code/Sub-broker code) of the employees is available in the application/transaction forms of the Schemes of Union KBC Mutual Fund on the website of the AMC/Mutual Fund viz. It is mandatory to mention the EUIN No. in the appropriate box provided in the respective forms

    In case EUIN is not provided in the application/transaction forms, the following declaration would have to be mandatorily signed (in the signature pane appearing just below the following declaration in the application/transaction forms) by the investor(s):

    I/We hereby confirm that the EUIN box has been intentionally left blank by me/us as this is an “execution-only” transaction without any interaction or advice by the employee/relationship manager/sales person of the above distributor or notwithstanding the advice of inappropriateness, if any, provided by the employee/relationship manager/sales person of the distributor and the distributor has not charged any advisory fees on this transaction”

  • What are the transaction on which EUIN is applicable?

    EUIN is applicable for Purchases, Switches, Fresh Registrations of SIP / STP / Trigger STP / Dividend Transfer Plan.

  • What are the transaction on which EUIN is not applicable?

    EUIN is not applicable for ongoing SIP/ STP / SWP / STP Triggers (registered prior to June 1, 2013), Dividend Reinvestments, Bonus Units, Redemption, SWP Registration, Zero Balance Folio creation and installments under Dividend Transfer Plans.

  • What is the Effective Date for EUIN applicability based on mode of transactions?

    EUIN is effective for all modes of transactions from June 1, 2013, except for transactions from Mobile /SMS, Stock Exchange Platform, ATM based; Call Center originated which shall be implemented by August 1, 2013, if applicable.

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