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Escorts Growth Plan

Escorts Growth Plan Equity Fund that endeavor to provide capital growth/ appreciation by investing in the equity and equity related instruments of companies over medium to long term.

Escorts High Yield Equity Plan

Escorts High Yield Equity Plan Equity Plan Invests primarily in well diversified portfolio of equity stocks providing high dividend yield.

Escorts Leading Sector Fund

Escorts Leading Sector Fund Invest primarily in companies from leading sector, depending upon their growth prospects and sustainability of future earnings growth.

Escorts Power & Energy Fund

Escorts Power & Energy Fund Invest predominantly in equity and equity related instruments of companies in the power/energy sector and/or Debt/Money Market instruments.

Escorts Infrastructure Fund

Escorts Infrastructure Fund Invest predominantly in equity and equity related Instruments of the companies in the infrastructure sector.

Escorts Income Plan

Escorts Income Plan Primary Focus of the scheme is to preserve capital and provide steady returns from a portfolio of debt instruments issued/guaranteed by state/central government.

Escorts Income Bond

Escorts Income Bond To generate current income by Investing predominantly in a well diversified portfolio of fixed income securities with moderate risk levels. Small exposure in Equity for portfolio alignment, readjustment and capital appreciation.

Escorts Gilt Plan

Escorts Gilt Plan A GILT fund that generates income and capital appreciation through investments in Government securities issued by Central Government and/or State Government.

Escorts Liquid Plan

Escorts Liquid Plan A liquid category fund that provides income and liquidity that is consistent with the prudent risk from a portfolio of money market and debt instrument.

Escorts Short Term Debt Fund

Escorts Short Term Debt Fund A Liquid plus Category Fund that provides regular income through investment in a portfolio comprising substantially of Floating Rate Debt securities, Money market and fixed rate debt instruments.
Balance Fund

Escorts Balance Fund

Escorts Balance Fund A balance category fund that aims to generate capital appreciation and current income from a portfolio mix of debt, equity ensuring safety, income and modest capital appreciation

Escorts Opportunities Fund

Escorts Opportunities Fund The scheme seeks stable and regular income through an actively managed portfolio of stocks, bonds and money market instruments, derivatives are also used not only as a hedging tool but also in generating regular income

Escorts Tax Plan

Escorts Tax Plan ELSS linked tax saving diversified equity fund provides capital appreciation / income distribution through a portfolio of equity and equity related instruments over medium to long term.
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